NIMT Building & Civil Trades

At the NIMT-Building & Civil Trades we are dedicated to equip Namibian trainees with the necessary practical and technical skills needed to take up positions within the mining, building and civil industries as artisans and supervisors.


Principal                          Head: Artisan Training Head: Theory

W.P. De Klerk S. Winnaar D.J. Opperman

Campus contact details:

Tel:  +264 64 511 900


We have the following Full time trades:

Carpentry & Joinery

Plumbing & Sheet Metal


We have the following Special trades:

Carpentry & Joinery

Clothing Production

Plumbing & Sheet Metal



What is a Full time trainee?

        6 months in the Industry (job attachment)

                    6 months in the Industry (job attachment)

                    6 months in the Industry (job attachment)

After your level 3 job attachment, you qualify to do your National trade test.


Who qualifies to be a full time trainee?

A full time trainee has to have a Grade 12 certificate in the old curriculum and a Grade 11 certificate with the new curriculum.  We cater for trainees that has a “F”   symbol and up in Mathematics, Science and English.


What is a special trainee?

A special trainee is only at NIMT for 6 months, whereby the trainee only does the practical part of the trade.  All 3 levels are done in this 6 months.  After the six months, they get a Level 3 NIMT certificate with which they have to find a job.  They have to work for at least 4 years in their respective trade to qualify for their National trade test.


Who qualifies to be a special trainee?

This training was designed to fit the need of any school drop out, that prefers the practical route and that is not good in theoretical training.


NBCT trainees have the option of making use of the NIMT Accommodation or Transport.